Cloud Migration

Learn about the numerous benefits that come with migrating to Google Cloud Platform

Key Benefits

Cost Savings

One of the biggest driving factors for companies to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud are cost savings. In fact, companies save 35% on average by moving to Google Cloud.

On the computing site of things, the reality often shows that many companies using on-premise have unused computing capacities that cost money to maintain. By using the clouds computing power with rightsized VM's that automatically scale up and down depending on your usage and paying for only what you actually consume, you can cut a lot of costs.

The same goes for data storage as well. By using dedicated storage options depending on the data type and required availability you can achieve high cost-efficiency and save a lot of storage costs.

Secure Data Storage

When it comes to storing sensitive data on the cloud, security is a common concern. However, with Google Cloud your data is most likely safer than on private data servers, that are prone to hacker attacks and technical issues.

With Google Cloud your data is securely stored using multiple encryptions. Google complies to many international security standards and makes sure that your data is your data and no one else can access it, no matter what.

Seamless Integration

There are a lot of benefits with moving to the cloud that may be less apparent than the previous points. When you have your data stored on Google Cloud you can seamlessly integrate other powerful tools such as BigQuery to analyze it and get valuable insights or use machine learning tools to make your applications smart, all that with just a few clicks.

Migration Methods

Lift and shift

With this method you simply move your current infrastructure to the cloud as it is by creating VMs that give you the exact same environment.

This method is recommended when you want to migrate quickly and can't optimize you applications for the cloud, often the case with legacy applications.

Move and improve

With this method you also migrate your application as it is but afterwards you optimize is to run more efficiently on the cloud as well as adding features which take advantage of cloud services to make your application more functional.

This method is usually a good compromise between migration time and result.

Rebuild on the cloud

With this method instead of moving your application, you rebuild it on the cloud setting up a cloud-native architecture with serverless tools.

This has a lot of benefits as it gives the most efficient and overall best result. If you want your application to be flexible and future-proof then this is the recommenced method.

Google Cloud Specialized

We began working together with Google over 10 years ago when Google Cloud Platform just started. Since then we are constantly cooperating with Google to provide the best Google Cloud solutions and helped a lot of customers with tailored cloud solutions.

We became a Google Cloud Premier Partner and our expertise was acknowledged by Google numerous times, for example with 8 different Google Cloud Specialization certifications.

If you are interested in Google Cloud Platform check out our migration service package "Cloud Booster" or get a free system assessment with a migration simulation by CloudPhysics to get started.


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