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Cloud Ace and Pentium Network to team up in tackling multi-cloud operation challenges with collaboration on AIOps platform, Marvin, to safeguard customers’ digital transformations in APAC.

Cloud Ace, a leading Google Cloud Platform™ (GCP™) Premium Partner in Asia, headquartered in Tokyo with 5 overseas subsidiaries, and Pentium Network, a Taiwan-based AIOps pioneer and software solutions provider, announced today to join hands for solution offerings and business development collaborations in Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand markets.

“We are happy to work with Pentium Network in solving modern enterprise customers’ cloud operations problems in Day 2,” says Cougar Huang, Cloud Ace Taiwan General Manager. “In the cloud age, we are no longer at a stage convincing customers of the imperatives of clouds, but as a team of experts in helping customers accelerate adoptions, migrations, and operations amidst the blend of legacy infra with Google Cloud. It’s great to have a partner like Pentium Network to make our customers’ day-to-day cloud operations easy and efficient, following the Day 0/Day 1 adoption, with a smart and adaptive software solution as an operational safety net.”

Pentium Network’s hybrid-cloud-ready AIOps platform – Marvin – provides enterprise customers, with massive and complex IT infrastructures, a ready-to-use single-pane-of-glass operation console, coupled with interactive instant messaging chatbots, for IT resource and operation management across the mesh of clouds, services, teams, and projects, and a rich collection of out-of-the-box automation features to immediately boost operational agility and productivity, service resilience and performance, and overall efficiency to a new level. Nevertheless, for customers and partners with DevOps capabilities, Marvin provides a developer-friendly ecosystem to allow the AIOps platforms to grow, evolve, and adapt with the customers’ unique and changing needs with great extensibility and autonomy.

“Marvin AIOps Platform is mindfully engineered to reduce up to 70% of the manual works and processing time for the modern clouds and mixed IT operations,” says Kent Chang, the Founder and CEO of Pentium Network. “We are excited to team up with Cloud Ace, a team of passionate cloud advocates and Google certified experts to deliver true cloud values throughout the enterprise customers’ cloud adoption and digital transformation journey. At the end of the day, digital transformation is all about having clouds and technologies serve people, not the other way around. It feels great to work with the like-minds in Cloud Ace who share the same beliefs and are extremely capable of delivering the best on the beliefs together.”

Cloud Ace began working with Google over 10 years ago when Google Cloud Platform just started. As the leading Google Cloud reseller in Japan, Cloud Ace has been honored with the Google Cloud Partner of The Year for 3 consecutive years, and received the Google Cloud Application Development Partner of the Year Award 2018 in San Francisco at Google Cloud Next '19. With 8 Google-certified Google Cloud Partner Specializations (i.e., Machine Learning, Application Development, Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Security, GCP Training in Data Analytics, and GCP Training in Infrastructure), Cloud Ace team are working closely with Google's teams in Singapore, Taiwan, and other APAC countries developing solutions to solve customers’ digital transformation problems, and the joint solutions with Pentium Network’s Marvin AIOps platform will be a new addition to the portfolio.

About Cloud Ace

Cloud Ace began business in June 2014 as a Google Cloud Platform service partner. We became a limited company in November 2016 and were certified as a Google Premier Partner in 2017. In 2018, we established subsidiaries in five overseas locations, and began encouraging increased use of Google Cloud Platform abroad, as well as in Japan.These awards are thanks to the combined efforts and hard work of all Cloud Ace staff and Cloud Ace Partners. We are committed to the continued success of all our partners and clients who use Google Cloud Platform.

About Pentium Network

Pentium Network is a Taiwan-based AIOps software solutions provider founded in 2017, with a team of 70 strong experts in DevOps, automation, ChatOps, AI, and SRE, to make modern heterogeneous IT infrastructure management and operations across clouds smarter and simpler for enterprises and digital entertainment service providers in a revolutionary way.

Pentium Network currently provides Marvin AIOps software solutions to customers in the south-eastern Asia and plans on expanding business coverage to the entire Asia in the early 2020s.

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