Why Cloud Ace?


Local Billing Service

  • ได้บริการสนับสนุนในระดับ Bronze ทันที

  • ไม่ต้องใช้บัตรเครดิตส่วนตัวสำหรับชำระค่าใช้งาน Google Cloud อีกต่อไป

  • ส่วนลด 3% จากค่าใช้งาน Google Cloud

  • จ่ายด้วยสกุลบาทไทย (THB)

  • ออกใบเสนอราคา ออกใบแจ้งหนี้ และ ใบกำกับภาษี ที่ถูกต้องตามกฎหมายของประเทศไทย

Award winning

We are all about Google Cloud since day one and Google acknowledged our expertise and commitment. We won Google Cloud Partner of the year 3 years in a row and received the Google Cloud Application Development Partner of the Year Award 2018 in San Francisco at Google Cloud Next '19.

Google Cloud Specializations

We are officially recognised as experts in multiple fields by Google. By proving our experience and expertise we received Google Cloud Specializations in Application Development, Cloud Migration, Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Security and Training in Infrastructure and Data Analytics. With this amount of specializations we are leading world wide.

Over 10 years of cooperation with Google

Cloud Ace began working together with Google over 10 years ago when Google Cloud just started. Since then we are constantly cooperating with Google to provide the best Google Cloud solutions for our customers. We are the leading Google Cloud reseller in Japan and a Google Cloud Partner for a long time. Also outside of Japan we are working with Google's teams in Singapore and other APAC countries developing solutions for customers.

Over 300 Google Certifications

Not only do we have a lot of professional engineers who are specialized in Google Cloud, everyone in Cloud Ace is constantly expanding their knowledge and gets it certified. Currently we count more than 300 Google Cloud certifications in total, more than any other company.

Over 100 Engineers in 6 Countries

Cloud Ace has in total over 100 Engineers all across Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia who are constantly working together to provide the best solutions on a global scale. By having a multicultural team like this we are able to find the best fitting solutions for companies that operate on an international scale and provide solutions that work across borders.